He’s My Brother She’s My Sister To Throw Costume Ball

For Immediate Release:

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister to Throw Costume Ball

On Second Night of Los Angeles Residency

Following last Monday night’s packed house performance at The Satellite, that turned into a dance party stretching past 1 AM, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister returns for the second week of their residency with a unique “costume ball.”  Last Monday, the band wore masks while performing their song The House That Isn’t Mine, and now they are inviting fans to grab the inspiration and dress uniquely for this week’s performance. Read about it and see the full schedule for week two below, or by clicking here: http://www.hmbsms.com/nightly.php

You can watch a video of the band performing the song The House That Isn’t Mine in the same masks they wore last Monday below:

To refresh your memory about the band’s Los Angeles residency, they are curating and headlining four consecutive Monday night events at The Satellite (formerly Spaceland) in Silverlake, California, beginning May 2, 2011. Admission to all shows is FREE (21+). This is the acclaimed band’s first residency. They have invited a dizzying mix of friends and special guest performers to join them for four separate evenings inspired by escape, enchantment and illusion in support of their new single Escape Tonight. To read more about the residency, please visit the band’s website: http://www.HMBSMS.com or read the previous press release announcing the residency here: https://hmbsms.wordpress.com/.

The first week of the residency was a resounding success, with IndieRockReviews noting that they had so much fun they were “aching to return” to future performances. So don’t miss out!

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister are led by a brother and sister duo, the dueling lead singers and songwriters Rob Kolar and Rachel Kolar, tap-dancer Lauren Brown and cellist Satya Bhabha.

If you have yet to catch He’s My Brother She’s My Sister in a live setting, come see why they have been called “delightfully original” (Indieshuffle) “a time warp to the golden present” (LA Record) and “forward thinking folkies forging new ground”(New Times). “Rob and Rachel’s voices mingle like glamour in the desert” and serve up “party music for coyotes drunk on champagne” (LA Weekly). “Their mojo (has) the power to heal the afflicted” (Deli Magazine) so “see them before your friends do.” (Jambase)

WEEK TWO: Monday, May 9, 2011

Escape to the End of Innocence


On May 9, 1965 a legendary meeting of The Beatles & Bob Dylan took place when the Fab Four attended Dylan’s concert in London. The Vietnam War was under way, MLK was giving profound speeches on civil rights, there was a social revolution in the works. In many ways the time marked the end of a certain innocence, and even naïveté, in the world. We would like to celebrate this ‘End of Innocence’ with a unique costume ball.

Come dressed in some way inspired by the theme ‘The End of Innocence‘ (open to interpretation) We will give away a limited edition Beatles Box of Vision or Bob Dylan Archive (your choice) to the most inspired lady and gentlemen with the most creative attire on the night.

9:00 PM: Sister Rogers

10:00 PM: Sweaters

11:00 PM: He’s My Brother She’s My Sister

12:00 PM: Pleasure Circus

Special Guest: Harper Simon

A mesmerizing dance performance by: meca v.a and the MOVEMENT movement

DJ: Sissy and Eddie of Polyamorous Affair


Presented by: Buzz Bands (Buzzbands.LA) and BoxOfVision.com

Food Truck: Canter’s Deli

The first 100 people to visit the “free music” table will receive an exclusive art-adorned souvenir USB card containing music and videos by He’s My Brother She’s My Sister and other artists performing that night. (Special Thanks to: Tequila Herradura for their kind support.)

Residency poster and band photo can be downloaded at: http://hesmybrothershesmysister.com/press.html


The new single, ESCAPE TONIGHT, can be downloaded at:



Management: He’s My Manager Entertainment


323 515 4476



For press, please contact:

Jim Merlis

Big Hassle Media


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